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Pocket Knifes......?

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Do you carry an everyday pocket knife?

Yep, I sure do.
I carry a sheath/folding knife on my belt.
No votes
I carry a sheath/tactical knife like Rambo.
No votes
I carry a sheath/multi-tool knife on my belt.
I carry a tactical knife somewhere on my body.
No votes
Nope, I do not carry a daily pocket/utility knife.
I think it'd be awesome if RJ would come up with some Wapiti Talk engraved pocket knives :)
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Pocket Knifes......?

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 11 30, 2017 •  [Post 1]

Who carries an everyday pocket knife (or another kind of everyday knife)? I know, its kind of an old school thing nowadays. You can select more than one item on this poll.
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby Roosiebull » 11 30, 2017 •  [Post 2]

I never did until last year when I picked up a benchmade mini griptilian. I was missing out, it is so handy having a functional knife all the time. I also carry a sheathed SOG multi tool on my fishing pack as of recent, another VERY handy thing to have on hand for the purpose. saves fingers using pliers taking hooks out of chinook ;)
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby scubohuntr » 12 01, 2017 •  [Post 3]

I used to carry a Protech Godfather, but then I moved to Canada for a few years where autos are strictly verboten, so I gave it away. I'll definitely get another once I jump through all of Montana's surprisingly restrictive hoops. Since my job often ends up taking me into state or Federal buildings with metal detectors on short notice, I don't carry anything every day any more. When I'm out hunting or fishing, I'll have anything from half a dozen or more knives about my person. I'm don't like folding knives for field dressing, so I'll have a Schrade Sharp Finger on my belt (best field dressing knife ever made), and a Gerber multitool on the other side. I've got a teeny little folder in my survival kit, a Gerber folder in my pocket, four or five butchering knives and a Wyoming knife in my pack, and a Swiss Armyish sort of pocket knife somewhere in the chaos. Three or four different fillet knives when fishing. If I'm bowhunting in dense brush I may have a 22" katana machete strapped to my leg to cut shooting lanes. I could probably drop a couple of pounds if I didn't have a knife thing going on, but what fun would that be?
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby DBLGBL » 12 02, 2017 •  [Post 4]

Bone handled Kissing Crane congress

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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby Lefty » 12 04, 2017 •  [Post 5]

I like my Gerber Multitool. for years it was on my hip. Change of job positions changed all that.
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby pointysticks » 12 04, 2017 •  [Post 6]

every single day.

i carry a SAK Pioneer. i just used it five minutes ago to peel a persimmon. i cant imagine not having it with me. i chose this knife, because it has a beer opener :)
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby Tigger » 12 04, 2017 •  [Post 7]

Finding the perfect pocket knife/tool is like trying to find the perfect truck, boat, or camper. It is a never-ending endeavor. I keep defaulting back to my Leatherman Juice. Not big, but big gets in the way. I like the pliers and use it as much as the knife. Sometimes I carry a Benchmade Mini Griptilian if I feel I need a better knife. And sometimes I wear my Leatherman SuperTool if I really need something.

I will say this; I feel naked if I don't have any type of blade/tool in my pocket.
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby jmez » 12 05, 2017 •  [Post 8]

Every day since I was a little boy. Bone handled Case Stockman or Case Trapper.
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Re: Pocket Knifes......?

Postby Swede » 12 05, 2017 •  [Post 9]

I have carried a fairly small three blade pocket knife since I was a kid. Today it is a German made Boker knife. I butchered a complete elk with it just to show it can be done.
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