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my Savage's favorite ammo..22Lr

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my Savage's favorite ammo..22Lr

Postby pointysticks » 03 27, 2018 •  [Post 1]

i finally got a brick of CCI standard velocity ammo.

yesterday i had to sight in an air rifle, so i brought the .22 just in case. i went to a free public range. it was exactly how you all are imagining it right this second. total dump. there was garbage everywhere. i set up my target and was hitting same holes at 30 yards. time to stretch it out. i shot half inch groups at 50. no better than half inch..

and i havent set up any target except my 30 yarder. i could just scan the junk and find some abandoned target out there..and range it.

what was cool was the dirt berm in the distance. i ranged it at 128 yards. it was scattered with fluor-orange clay pigeons..all set up as reactive targets. i aim bit high and i could see my bullet fly in my scope..it was a huge arch!! it took me a few shots to figure out bullet drop. i then went 100%..i was just popping those things. guys with big rifles were missing..we were calling our shots. super fun.

man my Savage rifle found it's good ammo. CCI standard velocity. i am gonna buy several bricks.
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