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Paleo Meals To Go

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Paleo Meals To Go

Postby Swede » 01 11, 2018 •  [Post 1]

I was pleased to get the prize given for the December picture of the month. Two meals of PMTG arrived in the mail today, and I was determined to give one the old taste test. Tonight my wife and I shared one meal for dinner. It was supplemented with other items, but the Paleo meal was the main coarse. What is posted here is just my appraisal, but it reflects some of my wife's thoughts as well.

The Paleo Meal To Go will never replace a good home cooked meal, but that is not what they are about. They are a meal for a back packer.

Over all I would rate the meal I ate at a B+ as a back pack or an emergency cuisine.

The taste is a C. I had the Caldera Chicken Curry. With 28g (1oz) coconut sugar it was a little too sweet. You may like the sweetness in a stew. I see the other meal I received, of Bedrock Beef Chili has 21g of coconut sugar.

The ingredients are generally healthy and I would grade the Curry Chicken an A. The Curry Chicken is generally better than the Beef stew. I'm definitely no expert, but the chicken is low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and high in fiber. I thought it great that a freeze dried stew would have 25% of my daily fiber needs.

What surprised me as much as anything was that the PMTG looks like a real stew. I anticipated a homogenized mass similar to Cream Of Wheat or oatmeal.

The bottom line is that I would not hesitate to take Paleo Meals To Go with me on a backpack hunt. If you like a sweet stew, Paleo Meals To Go are sure to please you. If you do not care for sweet stew, then PMTG has beef and chicken meals unsweetened too.
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Re: Paleo Meals To Go

Postby Indian Summer » 01 13, 2018 •  [Post 2]

How would you compare PMTG to Mountain House?
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Re: Paleo Meals To Go

Postby Swede » 01 13, 2018 •  [Post 3]

The PMTG I tried looks like real stew, or soup if you have added more water. There are real chunks of meat and the other things that make up a stew.
I have a hard time saying which tastes better as that is a personal choice. The ingredients are different on each item, and I have really done no direct comparison. If that is important, I would look online and see what each has.
I would eat neither one if I am where I can get a regular meal. RJ said he will eat these meals in a sack, in camp if he gets in late. For me that would be very late, but for backpacking they definitely have their place.
I may talk Oly, his friend, Stringunner and his dad into a backpack hunt this year. If we do that I will plan on taking some select Paleo Meals To Go, and some M.H. Meals. I will pick through both of them.
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Re: Paleo Meals To Go

Postby Lefty » 01 14, 2018 •  [Post 4]

My wife was a hardcore back packer. I had never tasted a MH before we met. All of my camps were canoe trips or out of a pickup so we generally had better food . Deer camp as a kid was mostly traditional German food, Dumplings and kraut ( OK some of you my be like my wife and think that isnt food for human consumption :lol: )ham and eggs.
Then elk camp with my in-laws, Im just telling you in camp they ate way better than at home. I was making spaghetti, the ground burger my brother in law reminded me was $35.00 a pound,.. it was from a prized Holstein bull that broke its legs breeding a gate :o )
The most processed food I ate on the trapline was Dinty Moore stew potato chips and dip. My grandmothers and mother were good cooks my brothers and I do most of the cooking in our homes. My point is I like good tasting food. In fact I had my first Spam in 20 plus years for my daughter to try on an ATV trip a few years back.

However. I can tell you what would be a B+rating at home would likely get the highest rating on a back country trip. There have been a few few hard days in the back country salt added to boiled spruce bark would be top shelf cuisine. The old school "gorp" can be mighty tasty if you haven't had fresh fish for a few days.
My middle daughter while working at Sportsmans warehouse bought a lot of backpacking lunches for her fishing trips with her discount were reasonable.
Again a backcountry trip meals serve a different purpose great taste gets high on the mark when you are hungry. .

Our bodies need fuel, generally calories in fats, protein and carbs. Anything with less salts and MSG is good, in my book.
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