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February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

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February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 02 01, 2019 •  [Post 1]

The February 2019 Photo Theme is – "Baby It's Cold Outside". Post up a picture of umm, well you get it :)


1. One photo submission allowed per month, per member (yep, MODs may enter a photo also).
2. Photo must relate to the monthly theme (or risk being disqualified).
3. Do not use photo editing software to enhance your photo. Just post the photo as it was taken with your camera, smart phone, trail cam, etc. You may have to resize some photos so they are accepted by the forum software.
4. You may use older photos you have on hand, but, do not submit a photo that has won a previous WT photo contest.
5. Any WT member may enter a photo they have taken or star in.
6. Judging – WT members will vote on monthly photo submissions.
7. Contest period will normally end the last day of the month.
8. Winner must contact WapitiTalk1 via PM and provide mailing address for prize (your prize may be sent directly from a WT sponsor or from RJ).
9. Prizes will vary from month to month.

* At the end of the year, all monthly contest winners will be automatically entered into a Photo of the Year Contest.
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby Tigger » 02 01, 2019 •  [Post 2]

I don't even know where to start on this one I have so many! I have a picture of my truck thermometer from 2 days ago that says -31!
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby Lsb » 02 01, 2019 •  [Post 3]

We're supposed to get cold next week. Let me see what I can find.
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby Elkhntr08 » 02 09, 2019 •  [Post 4]

0509E08D-C2E3-42F0-94EC-69F46416C429.jpeg (31.09 KiB) Viewed 79 times

Best I came come up with. Was last day of season and -11.
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby Lsb » 02 09, 2019 •  [Post 5]

4 below without figuring in the wind
cold.jpg (91.42 KiB) Viewed 74 times
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby muzzyelk » 02 09, 2019 •  [Post 6]

rsz_51685698_10213795537302496_798203205056987136_n.jpg (26.89 KiB) Viewed 71 times
we got 3 inches of snow so we built a snowman... He is 10 feet tall, its hard to see but there is a full sized garbage can on his head
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby Indian Summer » 02 10, 2019 •  [Post 7]

It was so cold on this day I swear we were breathing ice crystals. It was the last day of the Montana elk season. At about 11 me, my brother, and friend Lee decided to hunker down build a fire and regroup. We stayed there for 2 hours and my brother decided it just wasn’t worth it and he headed for his truck. Lee and I pushed on out the ridge. We hadn’t hiked 10 minutes when a big herd of about 50 elk started rolling out of a draw below us over the next finger. Migrations were in full swing. Cow after cow single filed out of sight. When the last one was gone I panned the binos back in the direction they had been coming from and there straight downhill about 175 yards a bull was staring straight at us. All in one motion I dropped the binos in the snow got the crosshairs on him and let er rip. Lee said, which made me laugh... “Did you see a bull down there?” He never even saw that elk.

What you’re looking at here is a hunter at the very end of a long season of outfitting, guiding, and hunting about to quarter out his paycheck. He’s not the biggest bull on the mountain. He has a crazy long forked 3rd point. But when the sun is about to go down on your season he’s a shooter for sure. All of the sudden it doesn’t seem nearly as cold. Funny how that works isn’t it! :D

Interesting how you remember the details of hunts from days gone by.
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Re: February 2019 Photo of the Month Contest

Postby Trumkin the Dwarf » 02 11, 2019 •  [Post 8]

Great picture Joe! I've gotta see what I've got lying around that fits the theme.
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