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Postby Lefty » 09 08, 2019 •  [Post 1]

Friday we went to call out of a bunch of locations.
A fellow with his dad and 8 year-old son had just finished packing out a cow elk, There are two major canyons a ways up the trail
I mentioned we would go up the opposite canyon than the one they hunted and killed
Well 20 minutes into the canyon they "don’t hunt" we could smell elk , and found their elk carcass

Any way I made the comment to my daughter it didn’t look like they had taken the ivories, my daughter pushed the lips back and the ivory was still in the mouth

My wife works on the Shoshone Bannock Indian health. One gal has a beautiful ivory necklace from the over 50 elk her husband and sons have taken over the years

I pulled the ivories from the first elk I killed and never did anything with them and I didn’t pull them from my last kill

What have you done with your ivories?
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Re: Ivories

Postby >>>---WW----> » 09 09, 2019 •  [Post 2]

I made a knife once with an elk antler handle. I embedded an ivory in the end of it.

Also made a elk ivory necklace for one grandson and a bear claw one for my great grandson.
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Re: Ivories

Postby Indian Summer » 09 09, 2019 •  [Post 3]

All piled up in a little bowl. I wish I’d have put tags of some sort on them so I knew which elk they came from or the year anyway.
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Re: Ivories

Postby 7mmfan » 09 10, 2019 •  [Post 4]

I've kept a couple, but like you, have no real plan on what to do with them. If I had a good plan, I'd make it a priority, but until then it will be an afterthought.
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Re: Ivories

Postby saddlesore » 09 10, 2019 •  [Post 5]

Mine are all sitting in a jelly jar above my loading bench
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Re: Ivories

Postby Elkduds » 09 10, 2019 •  [Post 6]

My wife has a necklace and a bracelet made from ivories, she likes both and wears them often.
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Re: Ivories

Postby Swede » 09 12, 2019 •  [Post 7]

I have kept enough of mine to replace every zipper flob on my Badlands Superday pack. It is sort of unique in that way.
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