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The things you do for dogs.

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The things you do for dogs.

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 06 06, 2017 •  [Post 1]

Oscar, our BT mix is now on his third vintage snoopy baby. He's had one since he was a very young pup and whines if he can't find it at bedtime. Been fortunate to find a few 60s snoopys exactly the same as the first on EBay so when one gets too cruddy or falls apart, I can rub/transfer scent from old to new and keep him in his groove. Ya, I'm a marshmallow when it comes to the goofball dogs. Do any of your stinky pups have a favorite, can't live without it chew/bed toy?

Meet Oscar. He's about 10 I think.
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Re: The things you do for dogs.

Postby Swede » 06 07, 2017 •  [Post 2]

For some reason my dog loves his umbrella and knows how to use it. It is no chew toy for him. Whenever he gets within about 40 feet of my tree stand, the umbrella pops open above him, almost automatically for some weird reason. It only closes when he get significantly farther away and he is upwind.
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Re: The things you do for dogs.

Postby Lefty » 06 10, 2017 •  [Post 3]

My dog is spoiled too
My dirty clothes from the day go to the side of the bed .
I just need to have them picked up before my wife trips on them
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Re: The things you do for dogs.

Postby TLowell02 » 06 10, 2017 •  [Post 4]

Mine don't have can't-live-without toys but they are definitely spoiled rotten but they earn their keep come hunting season.

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Re: The things you do for dogs.

Postby Navesgane » 06 13, 2017 •  [Post 5]

Mine doesn't have a favorite toy but she does have a favorite blanket she drags around the house with her.
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Re: The things you do for dogs.

Postby Roosiebull » 06 16, 2017 •  [Post 6]

I have 2 mini aussies and a schipperke, my oldest dog has a barney stuffed animal from when my daughter was younger, he has trashed lots of them, but for some reason, keeps the barney doll in good shape, though dirty from being buried and dug up 3 times a day.

my dogs are all spoiled, cannot help it, i'm a sucker for dogs, they are so likeable. our youngest (the schipperke) is absolutely hilarious, I had no clue so much character could be fit into such a small package, such a cool animal, has no been in a bad mood yet.
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Re: The things you do for dogs.

Postby wawhitey » 06 19, 2017 •  [Post 7]

All it takes is a kiddie pool to keep em happy.
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