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Ruined for life II

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Ruined for life II

Postby Lefty » 09 16, 2019 •  [Post 1]

My daughter was too sick to hunt,.. and my wife said I was too sick to be around. So I was going hunting.
However Andrew, totally new to hunting last year Kind of was hooked with the experience he had with us the last week of the season ( he got his archery certificate and first Hunting license the last week in September 2018)
He was "going to shoot the first deer or elk he saw",.. "didnt matter cow calve or bull" And we encouraged that choice.
Opening day with deer fawns and does he decided he would not take a fawn or the doe with a fawn. But would take a doe, cow yearling or calf, Im still fine with that.

We tried to silently make a shot happen Thursday ,.. we got to hear lots of action under 120 yards. Bugling and more bugling
Friday morning it took a while to get on them ,.. once we did we believe another bull persuaded the herd bull to push the 9 cows off a mile further, or maybe they just moved off.
That afternoon we moved in on what we thought were 3 bigger herds of 15-30 cows and a single herd bull with each group of cows all in one canyon creek bottom.
The wind was perfect. We took our time moving in. The one herd bull at times under 80 yards, a smaller 6x6 with 5-6 inch fifths but ridiculously long brow tines. Andrew was having an incredible time.
The set up looked good,.. shooting would be tight. Most of the elk were on the opposite timbered slope feeding
I started out slow and soft,.. the cow, calves and "our' bull and the other two herds 150-200 yard away were just wild with noise.
With great wind I figured we had time.
Eventually a yearling came to me,.. then walked back towards all the commotion.
I could see Andrews pack 25 yards in front of me. I waiting for the sound of his bow string,...
Im thinking “Come on already” “shoot” its been 3, now four minutes, I could see the yearling ears or glimpses of her body at times.
Shoot ,.. Hes gotta have that shot
"Take it"

20 minutes later I walk the now 30 yards to where he is sitting,.. I cracked a twig as I move,.. he points, and has this huge grin on his face.

The timber is so alive with all sorts of elk sounds!
He explained the cow was just over an arrow length away for minutes, staring him down, doing the head weave, rocking back and forth,.. leaning so far sideways he thought she would tip.
" Im not going to shoot a cow when there are so many bulls so close!"
Well for the next couple hours he had 14, or 15 shot opportunities at adult cows under 30 yards. I could see some of the cows but not him most of the time.
Just after the sun disappeared below the next mountain range: The bulls with a lot of cows each, maybe competing and trying to call cows away from each other,.. sometimes a bit of raking,.. and a few bugles ending with chuckles.
Im think lets make something happen. I moved towards Andrew, wanting to send him up the draw towards the bull.
Im kind of pinned down by cows. And I hear elk charging down the hill behind me .
Calf, Cow. Calf . Cow. Calf. Cow,..
I knew the range was 42 yards. Such little calves
Antlers. I draw. Then mewed . The 5x6 bull stopped perfect, looking towards me. The arrow will clear those leaves,.. or so I thought
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Re: Ruined for life II

Postby Swede » 09 16, 2019 •  [Post 2]

Lefty, when is the popcorn coming? We are waiting during intermission.
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Re: Ruined for life II

Postby Lefty » 09 17, 2019 •  [Post 3]

Swede I’m not sure

I kind of got by my father in laws theory ; he has killed a couple hundred deer a couple dozen elk , goats sheep caribou bear and lions

“Why ruin a good hunt by killing something”
He was raised on only the wild game he killed as a kid; in 1954 he bought cows and barely put any game in
Freezer since . I don’t
I will say I am a bit disappointed I wanted to head to Utah and call for a buddy on a Book cliff hunt
My wife isn’t so thrilled she wants elk meat in the. Freezer

Last Saturday I did come home from the hunt with something in the truck a. Starcraft 12 foot boat
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Re: Ruined for life II

Postby elkstalker » 09 24, 2019 •  [Post 4]

Haha, it seems his issue is the opposite of the one I have, I have a really hard time holding off if I have an elk in front of me. The first hunt I drew in Idaho I made a goal to shoot nothing smaller than a nice 6x6. The afternoon of opening day I had a 5x5 come into 35 yards and couldn't help but let him have it :lol: Oh well, I may become a trophy hunter some day... just not today! I like eating elk meat too much to pass up an easy shot!
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