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Need input on new archery range

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Need input on new archery range

Postby Tigger » 04 27, 2018 •  [Post 1]

I have a unique opportunity to help lead the effort in putting in an archery range in my hometown at a new county park. They will be moving dirt this summer so we have to get our plan in place. Right now, we are planning on a small crossbow bullseye target range out to 100 yards, a regular bullseye archery range from 20-90 yards, and an elevated range shooting bullseye and maybe a few 3D targets from 2 to 60 yards (by elevated I am thinking a 20 yard wide shooting platform 10? 12? feet in the air). Then we will have a walking 3D course with roughly 12-18 stations. I have never planned a range like this so I am looking for feedback both good and bad about courses you have shot. What were great about the ranges you have visited? What would you do different? What is new that people are doing?

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Re: Need input on new archery range

Postby Swede » 04 27, 2018 •  [Post 2]

Just make sure that the targets are set and spaced so that the guys at one station and not shooting in the directions of archers at another. :D
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Re: Need input on new archery range

Postby Brendan » 04 27, 2018 •  [Post 3]

My advice would be to combine crossbow and the normal range - no reason to have them separate. Just have a couple picnic tables or moveable benches that people could use as a rest if they're shooting a crossbow.

Bow racks at the shooting line are nice.

As an archer - I'd love to have a 100 yard range at my disposal. We max out at 60 unless I wait for the place to be empty and then send it from places I'm not supposed to.

Expect the targets to get HAMMERED. Especially the close ones where people can hit the bull. Not trivial to replace targets, so thinking about cost effectiveness - maybe a design like the ones where you compress pieces of foam down using a 2x10 and a couple bolts on the top?

Elevated platform is nice - but, I use it less than everything above. It's for checking holds and that's it.

3D course would have to be completely separate. Remember - if you buy bigger targets (Elk, Moose) people will hammer the shit out of them and use them up fast. I think my club replaces all targets 2x a year?
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