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Trail cams on wallows

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Trail cams on wallows

Postby BGbowhunters » 08 03, 2014 •  [Post 1]

This year I'm going bow hunting for elk in eastern oregon at the end of August. I'm going 5 days early to scout and hunt 3 days (8 days).i want to put a trail cam at a wallow, but since it's so close to hunting I didn't want to scare the elk out of the wallow area to put the trail cam up. What part of the day do elk not go to wallows so I won't scare them? Thanks for any help.
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Re: Trail cams on wallows

Postby Swede » 08 03, 2014 •  [Post 2]

I am in the exact same situation you are in. I have never worried about it too much. If you spook out elk going to and leaving the wallow, just don't call or chase them. Are you going to put up a tree stand there or a ground blind? I generally hang up my stand before the season opens. I would advise getting those things done as soon as possible, but I have hung up stands and while I was still rigging things up, had elk come around. Just wait and enjoy the sight. I have also hung a stand Friday evening, and killed elk there the next day.
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Re: Trail cams on wallows

Postby ishy » 08 03, 2014 •  [Post 3]

Had a camera up for a couple years on one well used one that gets hit all day. Herds tend to be morning and evening and lone bulls throughout the day.
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Re: Trail cams on wallows

Postby Lefty » 08 04, 2014 •  [Post 4]

It might surprise you how soon some animals return Ive watched deer and coyotes that have spooked off, watched as a location was intruded, as soon as the threat is gone they head right back in
Last year I left my blind to glass a larger area. 10 minutes after I left a nice bull came in,.. patience :oops:

I posted the pic last year Notice the date and time,.. I hadnt checked the trail cam as I cam in, comeone had deleted the SD card before I hunted
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Re: Trail cams on wallows

Postby N5J » 08 07, 2014 •  [Post 5]

Like Swede said go hang it BUT before you do put a fresh coat of paint on it! It will lure them in. :D Hours after I've hung cameras I've got several close ups. :lol:
P.S. I was changing out chips last week and had a 6x6 walk in on us at 3:30Pm he ran off about 30 yards and just looked at us as we walked out of there.
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Re: Trail cams on wallows

Postby elkmtngear » 08 07, 2014 •  [Post 6]


We put this cam up on this wallow, during bow Season, in the middle of our hunt in CO...and it captured this pic about an hour after we walked out of there.
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Re: Trail cams on wallows

Postby idahoghost » 08 07, 2014 •  [Post 7]

I have put up trailcams three years in a row at wallows. Follow Swede's advice and you won't have any problems.
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