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Hanging Your Stand

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Hanging Your Stand

Postby Swede » 01 22, 2018 •  [Post 1]

Many of us have hanging tree stands that need to go up the tree in one piece. We can be strapped to the tree, but hanging the stand is difficult and it can be dangerous. Hanging and taking down my stand have always been the most tense time associated with tree climbing. If you have one of those stands that is hung whole, let me suggest a safer easier way to get it up the tree and hung.
Go up the tree with a short section of rope or chain and a pulley. Tie the pulley to the tree about two feet above where you want to hang your stand. When you go up the tree, bring along a long cord or small diameter rope. The long rope will be used to bring your stand up after you hang the pulley. You can descend the tree and pull up the stand with the rope, and tie the rope off when the stand is up near the pulley. Better yet have someone on the ground lift the stand up the tree on the rope, to where you are waiting. Arrange the stand and attach it to the tree. Do not untie the line you have used to bring up the stand yet. You will use it to bring up other items.
By doing it that way; the only weight you need to carry up, when you are off the ground are the ropes and a small pulley. After hanging your stand you can climb in and use the rope that is still going through the pulley to the to bring up your straps and other items like your bow hanger and what you will hang your pack on.
Remember stay connected to the tree with your safety line at all times when you are not on the ground.
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