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What am I looking at, 2nd location

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What am I looking at, 2nd location

Postby Fozziebear2000 » 04 15, 2019 •  [Post 1]

One western WA area I have been scouting for a couple years has a 1-2 mile long boggy bottom with a river, surrounded by mellow to steep hillsides. Some of the surrounding terrain as almost too thick to work through, even if you are committed to doing so. Some is more open, under mature conifer canopy. Most trails are intermittent. No roads exist except on the ridge tops, with occasional short spurs going down. Generally no vehicles are allowed.
There’s a powerline running through part of the area. I walked onto a cleared landing under the power lines early one drizzly morning in December. The whole 60’ diameter flat had elk crap piles every 2-3 feet. All the crap was fresh, it looked like a single large group had dropped their load and then moved on.
My guess is the elk spent the night feeding in a cleared strip of land located under the powerline. It’s steep in places. They bunched up on the landing for long enough that nature called on each critter before they all moved on.
It looked like a poor place to bed down, assuming elk like a downed tree, dark timber, or some other cover features to bed against or within. But the elk dropping were bunched up, so I am wondering if they had layed down on the landing.
Any input as to the probable story behind all these droppings on one landing?

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