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Montana Elk Hunt Planning

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Montana Elk Hunt Planning

Postby MidwestHunter » 01 09, 2016 •  [Post 1]

Hello all, I am new to the board. Please don't yell at me since I am a newbie member of elk hunter saying I am looking for people's honey holes (which I am not). It's good to be on here, and I look forward to learning. First off, I am a typical Midwestern (Indiana) whitetail and eastern turkey hunter. Typically tree stand deer, run and gun turkey. I have no experience out west, and neither do any of my hunting family.

We are planning (6 members of my family) on a trip to Montana for an elk hunt. All 6 of us won't have tAgs, a few will be along for scenery, experience, outdoor enjoyment (all of us will be doing that). In my eyes it is more about the experience than a a big bull On the wall. We want to try a DIY type hunt (or a guide under $1000 per person, lol a quite humorous thought).

Does anyone have information on Unit 391? Looks like about 50/50 private public land. Is any of this public land decent territory? We by no means aren't looking for trophy Bulls, I just want to make this a fun trip for my dad (he is 67 years old, but walks up and down our hills here in Indiana, mows and weed eats for a living, and still climbs tree stands, in good shape for his age) Is a bow license Otc, as well as all rifle seasons? Are there any private lands that can be used for fee if we talk to locals around there? I will be calling the Montana fish and game to talk to game wardens to see their opinions and tips. Is this unit still considered grizzly country, and could that be more dangerous early in the season? I have done about 12 hours of research so far, have obtained general maps of the regions from Montana Fish. I will start on an exercise regimen to get in shape, and be as fit as possible. Plan on hunting in 2016, haven't decided archery of rifle yet. I don't mind shooting cows either.

Thank you for any tips for this newbie (no honey holes requested, but won't be ignored lol ;)

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