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Elk down wind

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Elk down wind

Postby Lefty » 09 20, 2017 •  [Post 1]

Saturday it happened twice.
The one set up a cow came in , she had just followed our track. I could see was checking the wind at 90 yards and stopped in the timber, maybe for over a minute, then move in to less tan 40 yards, but no longer down wind, I kept kept wind checking and was surprised. She had my location pegged most of the time, eventually staring a hole through my eyeballs, Ever so slow I started to move( I was twisted around sitting) and she was gone.
The second was a herd of 7 cows and one bull. We were following another heard of over 20 cows and one bull moving in. The bulls were bugling back and forth. We were moving into a better position. I kept telling my daughter, as long as the one herd leaves before we get too close. didnt happen
We have a great side wind to the large herd. and were working out way to get in front.
Unfortunately the small herd kept getting closer Now less than 80 yards, 70 , 60. . My daughter was tryng to set up a stalk,.. a couple perfectly placed trees , all the elk noise and she would be 20 plus yards to a near cow from the large herd and directly in line between the two bulls . I signaled for her to stop. Maybe the shot would be on the small herd!
Did it take the small herd to see her to finally bust? Was it the bigger herd bulls threats? Or did the small herd finally get too much of a nose full?
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