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Learning to fish

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Learning to fish

Postby wawhitey » 01 06, 2019 •  [Post 1]

So i eat a lot of fish and ive been wanting to start fishing so i can catch my own. Lots of rivers and lakes around offering year round opportunity for trout, walleye etc. So the old man got me a trout rod for christmas. Went out a couple days ago and got a reel, a spool of line and some spinners, swivels etc. Ran over to lake roosevelt today to give it a whirl and sure as hell caught a dandy rainbow trout. Had it for dinner tonight. Plenty big enough for a couple good meals but i pigged out and ate the whole damned thing. In the course of hunting, scouting, shed hunting etc im always driving right by rivers and lakes i could be fishing. Now ill just keep my fishing gear in my truck at all times, and i can pull over somewhere on my way home from my other outdoor activities and do a bit of fishing for a couple hours, or even just 20 or 30 minutes, whatever, see about securing the nights dinner. A new hobby and means to procure food that wont take time away from my hunting, i can just do it in any spare daylight i might have in my wanderings. Already thinking about getting a smoker. Think some smoked canned trout would be great.
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Re: Learning to fish

Postby Tigger » 01 07, 2019 •  [Post 2]

give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will be perpetually broke as the saying goes!

For me, hunting comes first. But I really enjoy fishing. Not much to hunt in May-July. We go to Canada for walleyes, smallies, and pike every year and it is really a fun time with the kids. and if you want an adrenaline rush, try musky fishing!
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Re: Learning to fish

Postby WapitiTalk1 » 01 11, 2019 •  [Post 3]

Nice! The worm has turned for you bud.
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Re: Learning to fish

Postby Roosiebull » 01 28, 2019 •  [Post 4]

Fishing is a very natural progression for you, it fills in all of the little voids throughout the year. Fishing came first for me, then hunting, but I think the 2 go hand in hand.

All I have ever done for recreation is fish and hunt, they are kind of one in the same, when you break down the basics, they are literally the same activity.
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