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Favorite spices for making deer sausage.

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Favorite spices for making deer sausage.

Postby Fridaythe13th » 11 07, 2018 •  [Post 1]

I'm looking for a new place that has good seasoning for make deer/elk sausage. We had been ordering from Hams butcher supply and Nausea bought them out and started carrying the same complete summer sausage. But something changed and it's not as good anymore. We make around 100, 4 lbs sticks in a year.
A little background on our taste buds, we are a meat and potato family. Hot spicy food will kill most of us, my dad think ketchup is to spicy. Lol.
We have tried the mix from Walton's and it was too salty.
I would like to try something different this year for our boring taste bud family. Thank you
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Re: Favorite spices for making deer sausage.

Postby jmez » 11 07, 2018 •  [Post 2]

Here is where I get mine. The Witt's summer sausage seasoning is really good. Not salty and not spicy. I don't like spicy food nor do I car for salt. I think you would like it. I also like the AC Legg snack stick seasoning. Also used Legg breakfast sausage and bratwurst recipe. They are all good. Great service and fast shipping from this site. I've been very happy with them. Also like that he makes up kits so you get everything you need.

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Re: Favorite spices for making deer sausage.

Postby Tom Grates » 11 13, 2018 •  [Post 3]

I use two main spice suppliers, both ship.
ConYeager Spice Company and Pittsburgh Spice Company.
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