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Bow hunting for a wolf

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Bow hunting for a wolf

Postby Lonnie » 05 01, 2017 •  [Post 1]

Ok has any one bow hunted wolf in Idaho. I'm looking to get some suggestions on the methods you used to call them in to range.
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Re: Bow hunting for a wolf

Postby Brendan » 05 01, 2017 •  [Post 2]

Brian Call (Gritty Bowmen) shot one with his bow last year. He was calling Elk when they came in.




Side benefit - you may call in some Elk too!
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Re: Bow hunting for a wolf

Postby ishy » 06 05, 2017 •  [Post 3]

There was a great write up in the Full Draw Tour pamphlet last year of a Montana guy not only calling one in, but taking it with traditional gear! I have made a couple feeble attempts, but get more anxious every year to get serious about it. I have gotten responses, but have yet to see one. Talking to some of the Foundation for Wildlife management (foundationforwildlifemanagement.org) it sounds like you can call them in, but in most instances you need to just locate them and move in on them. They will call back, but most times they aren't going to run over to check you out. So pretty similar to most elk in OTC units, you really need to get close to make things happen.
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Re: Bow hunting for a wolf

Postby wawhitey » 06 05, 2017 •  [Post 4]

Never hunted wolf. Seen some, couldve killed them, but im in wa, so thats a no go. I have called in some predators though. Im thinking that if you want to call one and bow kill it, youd need a 2 man team. Once a wolf gets into bow range, if its focusing on you as the source of the noise, i think it would turn inside out and disappear the second you start to draw your bow. Might be a hell of a lot easier with a rifle or shotgun, or even a good revolver.

If you live in idaho and know good wolf areas, and ever want a caller in late fall/ early winter, holler at me. If im at home and dont have any pressing business id love to try calling one in. I have a couple different wolf howlers, a few coyote howlers, and a kind of embarrassing collection of distress calls. Id love to try calling a wolf or 5 in. Idaho panhandle is just a hop skip and jump away for me.
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