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FS: Savage LRH 6.5x284 with extras...

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FS: Savage LRH 6.5x284 with extras...

Postby ramirojpc » 11 24, 2015 •  [Post 1]

I am selling my hunting gun because I am going the competition route for the foreseeable future. Below is the text on the Armslist posting and the link at the end to see pictures.

I am selling my Savage LRH 6.5x284 Norma with a lot of extras. The gun has about 200 shots down the pipe and is in great condition. Here's what I am including in this set:
- Savage LRH 6.5x284 Norma - ($870 original price)
- Nikon 4-12x50 Buckmasters with BDC reticle - ($399.99 original price)
- Plano Pillar case - ($50 original)
- Redding 6.5X284 Deluxe dies: full length, neck size, and seating die ($105.99 Original price)
- Lee Factory Crimp die - $13
- Nosler brass - qty 49 ($63 original price) OR...
- 49 custom reloaded rounds (Brass: Nosler, Powder: Hyb100V, Primer: CCI #200, bullet: 140gn Nosler HPBT) - $120

Total in original prices with brass: $1501.98
Total in original prices with reloaded rounds: $1558.98

Asking price with brass: $1230
Asking price with reloaded rounds: $1330

If you buy the whole package with the reloaded rounds, the gun comes ready to shoot. Scope sighted at 100 yards and i will gladly give you the recipes for the rounds that gave me the best accuracy. With my reloads I could get under 1MOA accuracy out of this rifle. I've shot steel targets out to 650 yards with this gun and my reloads.

Please contact me via text:
(95six) two2four-02three0

Armslist posting with pictures: Savage LRH 6.5x284 with extras
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